Be Certain You're Not Overpaying

Tax Reduction Planning

We will engage with your books throughout the year, and help you implement every relevant tax reduction strategy possible.

You're Probably Overpaying by Thousands

If you're not getting highly engaged, aggressive tax planning, you're probably overpaying by a significant amount.

You Can't Wait Till Year End

Your business needs year-round analysis and guidance to mitigate taxes, you can't wait till year end.

It's Like Printing Profits

Taxes are a bottom line cost, which means that it gobbles up your profits big time. When we save in profits, it's like printing new money.

Long Term Tax Planning

We'll make sure you and your family never get hit with unnecessary taxes, throughout and beyond your lifetime.

Never Overpay in Taxes & Build Tax Efficient Wealth.

Business owners deserve to keep what they earn.

To stop overpaying in taxes, you need pro-active tax reduction planning.

Not only do you need a strategist to identify opportunities & create the tax plan, but you’ll want someone in tune with your business, taxes and operations to help you implement the tax reduction plan.

Stance Tax & Accounting will:

  • Perform Bookkeeping all year
  • Develop Tax Reduction strategies all year
  • Implement those strategies
  • Provide coaching and guidance for long term tax mitigation
  • Pay in taxes throughout the year according to the tax plan
  • File your year end business & personal taxes

Even Small Businesses Will Save Thousands

One of the misconceptions about tax reduction planning is that only large businesses can save large amounts in taxes, but that’s just not true.

If you make $60,000 in net profits there could be $3k to $5k in ANNUAL savings if you maximize some strategies.

Businesses that make $150k to $500k have significantly higher amounts of taxes we can pro-actively reduce and also help them build generational wealth.

Don’t Wait Another Year & Overpay More Taxes.
  • How certain are you that you’re not overpaying taxes?
  • Does your accountant pro-actively bring tax savings ideas to you?
  • Do you maximize your S-Corp?
  • Should you shift income to your children or spouse?
  • Could you utilize the Augusta rule?
  • Have you utilized every small business retirement plan opportunity?
  • Are you getting the most of your home office deductions?
  • Does your investment portfolio have good tax diversification?
  • Will your business avoid massive taxes when you retire?
  • Could you utilize section 179 & bonus depreciation?

To Reduce Taxes, you must be Pro-Active

If you connect with a tax strategist before the end of the year, you can actually make changes to your tax bill.

When you wait until after year end to consider investments, purchases or income shifting, it’s already too late.

Here at Stance Tax and Accounting, a major focus is to help business owners lower their taxes and ensure they pay only what is legally necessary.

Taxes are a Bottom Line Profit Killer

Remember, your taxes are a bottom line expenditure, which means they eat into your hard-earned profits, not just your revenues.

When you pay $10,000 in taxes, that represents a small percentage of your overall revenue.

If you ran a 15% net profit, that $10,000 in taxes represents over $65,000 in revenues.

$10k in taxes = $65k in revenue at 15% net profit.

At 6% net profit, that $10,000 in taxes represents over $166,000 in revenue!

What You Don’t Know about Reducing Taxes

We know all the secrets, principles and long term strategies to reduce the amount of taxes you owe.


In order to utilize these strategies, you’ll want someone to come alongside, engage with your bookkeeping and financials, and actually implement them for you.

It’s one thing to learn about strategies, and another to apply them to your own situation and then really implement them.

We help you:

  • Monitor your financial position & income
  • Develop pro-active strategies
  • Implement those strategies
  • Make adjustments as profits fluctuate


Here are 5 specific ways that you can reduce your taxes as a roofing contractor.