Don't Settle for Typical

Business Tax Returns & Preparation

Stance Tax & Accounting will make your year end taxes a breeze.

Tax Reduction Focused

We don't just file your business taxes, we take the time to apply our rigorous tax reduction analysis to find ways to save you money.

Integrated with Bookkeeping

We don't just do taxes, we provide an outsourced accounting service to do your books & much more.

Stop Overpaying in Taxes

If you're a business owner, chances are that we can find ways to lower your taxes, let us help you keep more of your hard earned profits.

Taxes for LLC, S-Corp, Partnerships & 1099

We can handle business taxes of all sizes and types, just connect with us and we'll take it from here.

Tax Preparation Services for Small Business

Business Tax Preparation

Don’t settle for a reactive, year-end tax preparation company, get an outsourced accountant that will help you throughout the year with your bookkeeping, tax reduction planning and then your year end taxes.

We provide business tax preparation services for all sizes of business.

We Prepare Tax Returns for:

  • LLC or Schedule C
  • S-Corporations
  • C-Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • 1099 Income earners
  • Sub Contractors

Business Accountant for Business Taxes

We’re not your typical tax firm.

Rather than work with hundreds and hundreds of individuals and their 1040 returns, we only work with businesses and their owners.

Business Tax Specialists

Most tax professionals and even business tax accountants are too busy doing hundreds of individuals to slow down, and then take the time to truly analyze their current customers financials, as well as provide deep analysis on their new business clients.

We protect ourselves so we can focus on the best service of all, small business tax reduction planning!

We’re most passionate about helping business owners become more productive and keep more of their hard earned money.

We work tirelessly throughout the year to find ways to reduce your taxes and keep you more productive.

When you get your taxes done by Stance Tax & Accounting, you’ll receive our full attention to actually move the needle for your business, not just file the taxes quickly.

Year End Taxes Made Easy

We provide bookkeeping and we help our businesses manage their tax liabilities and payments throughout the year so that they never overpay.

We’re engaged deeply with our business clients, which means that when the year end comes, we can quickly and efficiently close up the books, file the necessary reports and then file your taxes.

When we’re your outsourced accountants, there will be no more mystery, delays or problems at tax time.


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