Get Excellent Financials

Bookkeeping Services

Your team can focus, we'll keep your books up to date at all times and to the highest level of accuracy.

Don't Waste Your Own Time

We're able to perform bookkeeping in a fraction of the time it takes amateur accountants, and we won't make mistakes.

Avoid Mistakes & Overstating Revenue

Too often business owners make mistakes, or their staff people do and it leads to overpaying in taxes.

Get Setup Perfectly

We'll cleanup and setup your books so that your accounting can serve as a firm foundation to build upon.

Bookkeeping Done by Tax Wizards

When we do your books, we'll be keeping a sharp eye out for tax reduction opportunities and the year end is really easy when we've done the books.

Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

Your business needs pristine financials if you plan on scaling & running it well.

We don’t just provide bookkeeping services, we integrate our top tier bookkeeping services with our “outsourced accounting” service, which includes bookkeeping, tax reduction planning, payroll, CFO guidance, year end taxes and full financial administration.

Your Financials will be Pristine

When your financials are put together by Stance Tax & Accounting, your lenders, investors and leadership team will have what they need and your business can go further.

  • How certain are you that your accounting is audit ready & free from errors?
  • Is your bookkeeper a tax reduction specialist?
  • Are you getting reports & dashboards to actually run your business?
  • Does your accountant pay in taxes on your behalf so you avoid surprises?
  • Does your bookkeeper translate numbers into reality?
  • Do you get notified the moment something noteworthy occurs?
  • When you try to finance equipment, do lenders have prompt & accurate financials?
  • Are you protected from IRS problems?

Remote Bookkeeping Done to Perfection

Stance Bookkeeping Includes:

  • Establishing a perfect chart of accounts
  • Bookkeeping cleanup & catchup
  • Ongoing monthly or weekly bookkeeping
  • Quarterly reporting & dashboards
  • CFO level guidance & insights
  • Year end reporting made easy
  • Year end tax preparation made simple

Year End Taxes are Easy with our Bookkeeping Services.

Because we’re handling the bookkeeping for our clients, providing pro-active tax planning & paying in their taxes throughout the year to keep them caught up, year end is a breeze.

The tax returns at the end of the year can be done quickly, efficiently and you won’t have the stress of potential surprises.

Remote Bookkeeping

We’ll set you up on the best modern technology that frees you from mistakes.

Don’t Waste Time & Create Mistakes

When amateurs perform bookkeeping, they are slow and create major problems down the road.

Overstating income
  • Classifying improperly
  • Using wrong codes & accounts

All these lead to overpaid taxes and IRS risk down the road.

Cash flow problems arise as well when your books don’t accurately reflect reality & you’re able to keep up with invoices & projects.

Construction Bookkeeping & Job Costing

Stance Tax & Accounting can help with your construction accounting & bookkeeping, providing various options to keep track of each project’s profitability and help manage cash flow.

Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

We love working with construction, real estate, service businesses, software companies and others.

We're passionate about your best interests

We get results for our clients, and integrity, transparency and frankness is important to us.  When you choose to become a client, we’ll treat you exactly how we would want to be treated, and help you achieve better outcomes for the operation.

  • Lowered taxes
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved efficiency
  • Saved time
  • The ability to focus on strengths

Our bookkeeping, tax and accounting service is built just for small business so they don’t have to hire another staff person and they get the results of having a hyper-specialized tax strategies working on their business full time.  

We don’t just file taxes and perform bookkeeping, we help you save taxes, time & lower your overall business risk.

Connect with us today to take control of your finances and stop overpaying in taxes.


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