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Stance Tax & Accounting
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Don't Settle for a Typical Accountant

Businesses overpay in taxes, waste time & remain stagnant because they don’t get a pro-active, outsourced accounting team. 

Should you Be an S-Corp?
Get pristine financials you can count on
Never overpay in taxes again
Never waste time doing your own accounting
Get CFO level guidance to achieve your goals
Built for Small Business

Get Lowered Taxes & 
Pro-Active Guidance

Stance Tax & Accounting comes alongside business owners as their outsourced accountants and helps them scale & improve profitability, aggressively reduce taxes, establish pristine financials, never waste time doing their own accounting & provide CFO level guidance to help them scale.
How certain are you that you’re not overpaying in taxes?
How certain are you that your books are excellent?
Do you have peace of mind at tax season that you won’t get surprised with a large tax bill?
How well informed is your accountant keeping you around trends, profitability & overall financial reports?
Do you have an organized financial roadmap to scale & achieve your goals?
Are your financials kept pristine so you're always audit ready?

5 Super Practical Strategies
to Reduce Taxes for
Roofing Contractors

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Your Accountant Should Help You Thrive

Focus on what you do best, our team will handle the accounting, tax, bookkeeping and planning.
The Cost of a Typical Accountant

What does it cost when you don't have a wise business accountant?

No business can scale profitably without an accounting team on their side.
Overpaid Taxes
Neglecting pro-active tax planning results in overpaid taxes.
Missed Opportunities
Mediocre books lead to missed opportunities, credit & leverage.
Stagnant & Unable to Grow
Bad financials & unclear reporting leads to stagnation and inability to scale.
Audits & Penalties
Amateur bookkeeping leads to mistakes & audits.
Expensive In-House Staff
In-house accounting staff are overly expensive and create risks.
Hard for Owners to Lead
It’s hard for owners to lead in-house staff, leading to under-utilization of the team.
Tax & Accounting Service

Accountant for Construction & Contractors

If you're a roofing contractor, builder, remodeler, sub-contractor or home service company, you're in luck.  We'll help you keep more of what you make and ensure you have perfect books & records to keep you compliant.
Accountant for Entrepreneurs

Small Business & 1099 Accounting & Tax

There's no business, profession or side gig we can't tackle & really help you gain the upper hand in.

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This company increased their performance when using this product – and here we are singing it from the rooftops.
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